My Work

By profession I am a software developer, specializing in web applications written in object-oriented PHP.

My greatest strength is designing versatile frameworks that can be reused in a variety of applications with little (if any) maintenance effort from future developers.

I am available to do freelance development work. Please contact me to discuss potential projects.


  • PHP 5 (and legacy PHP 4 applications)
  • JavaScript
  • Microsoft .NET (Visual Basic, some C#)
  • Java
  • Other Languages: Some experience in Prolog, LISP, OCaml, CLIPS
  • Semantic XHTML + CSS
  • Databases: MySQL (4 and 5), some SQL Server and Oracle
  • Platforms / Tools: Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, some Solaris
  • Source Control: Subversion, CVS

Please contact me for a full résumé.