zAxis: Windows Downloader

As useful as zAxis was in its original form, it was still a website and so faced all the inherent limitations of the web. I couldn't, for example, select a few students and drag their files over to another folder on my computer as I could if I had access to a real folder somewhere. To resolve this, I built a graphical version of zAxis for my final project in CS-014

Folder with a Student's Files

This "Folder" is really generated from within Visual Basic based on data retrieved from WebCT, but it behaves just as one would expect a folder to behave. In this case it's showing all the dropboxes in the cs014 - Visual Basic class. As a grader, clicking it shows folders for each student (in each of which are all the files that student submitted). As a student these folders are just places to submit files:

Folder with a Student's Files

The user can drag files into or out of these folders. A grader could just drag the entire "Lab exercise to practice functions" folder off into some local folder and the files would copy just as if they were stored in a folder somewhere else on the system.

Alas, UVM upgraded to a newer version of WebCT at the end of this semester and this application was not compatible with the new system. zAxis: Graphical was never used in practice.