Dropbox Downloader

I like to have homework graded the day after it's due so students will have immediate feedback for an assignment when it's still fresh in their minds. Unfortunately, when assignments are due at midnight and I have classes in the morning I can't always manage that.

I realized, however, that many students submit the assignment hours earlier, but WebCT won't release student assignments until after the duedate if they're allowed to retrieve and re-submit their files. Not one to be dissuaded by what WebCT does and does not allow, I created the dropbox downloader.

Because I'm inherently lazy, not a lot of effort went into making this one user-friendly. I have to open the assignment in WebCT, copy its identification number, and paste it into the Dropbox Downloader. After that, however, the Downloader retrieves the assignment on its own the same way WebCT would have done if it had been allowed.