SASS Website

I created this website (for UVM's ballroom ballroom dance club) just after finishing a course on Human-Computer Interaction, so it ought to feature some impressive user-interaction features.

LabMaster in Use in Votey 246

The main content for this site is a list of upcoming dance events such as the one pictured above. Events could include lessons and/or open dancing and took on a variety of other attributes (cost, age limit, location, and obviously a date and time). I applied my best Human-Computer Interaction tricks to develop what you see above.

Instead of just showing the date I show a calendar ranging from the current date (this screenshot was taken November 15th) to the date of the event. This, better than anything else I could conceive, showed how far in advance an event was to take place.

Each attribute of the event takes an icon (with a consistent white-on-black style) and then lists the major information. One can see at a glance that this event is not free, includes a lesson, and includes open dancing. Of course, without any of these icons or graphical depictions, the text on the right still lists all the details in a readable manner.

This was also the first time I really segregated Cascading Style Sheets from HTML to create a "look and feel" that future developers can modify without touching any of the HTML or underlying PHP.