Recent Progress

Real Preference Editing

Editing a Preference

Some of the more complex preferences are now fully functional. Here, for example, is a preference that deals with which instructors I'd rather have, given the choice. (Of course, I don't mean to insult anyone by creating this example; it's just for show.)

Picking a
Course and Instructors

Clicking the Edit link opens a window where the user can pick a particular course and then an instructor who teaches it in the coming semester. The list of instructors appears automatically as soon as the user has entered a course code. Clicking the Lookup button produces a window where the user can find a particular course.

If the user doesn't know the course code he wants, he can just click the "Lookup" button and get the handy-dandy "Find a Course" window. It's similar to the regular search functionality but only offers a list of departments and courses (which may be expanded to search for courses with a particular title) and then lists only general courses offered, not specific sections. From there the user can either pick a course (to fill in its code on the Edit Preference screen) or get more details.

Find a Course

The Course Details screen isn't complete yet, but you can see it already has the right pieces. It shows all sections currently offered for a course and all sections that have been offered in the past. This presumably will help establish which instructors might teach a certain class. If Prof. Smith always seems to teach CS-018 then there's probably no point in holding off for another instructor.

Course Information