Classes - EC-011 (Macroeconomics)

Class Information
Term Spring, 2002
Instructor James Smith
Texts 1. Brief Principles of Macroeconomics (Gregory Mankiw)
2. Economics Explained (Robert Heilbroner, Lester Thurow)
3. The Age of Diminished Expectations (Paul Krugman)
Final Grade A
Lecture Notes
Topic 1 Why study economics?
Topic 2 Markets and the Market Economy
Topic 3 Supply and Demand
Topic 4 GDP
Topic 5 Productivity and Growth
Topic 6 Inflation
Topic 7 Unemployment
Topic 8 Business Cycles
Topic 9 Fiscal Policy
Topic 10 (Stocks and Bonds. See WebCT.)
Topic 11 Money and Banking
Topic 12 Central Banking and the Federal Reserve
Topic 13 International Trade
Topic 14 International Finance
Topic 15 Globalization