Classes - ENG-001 (Written Expression)

Class Information
Term Spring, 2002
Instructor David Jury
Texts 1. Writing With Power (Peter Elbow)
2. Work in Progress [$NEVER USED$] (Sarah Turner, Sue Dimitz)
Final Grade A
This course didn't have lectures; the entire semester was devoted to various writing assignments. I've included some of these here.

The assignment for the entire first half of the semester was to write about some personal experience (and rewrite, and rewrite some more). What I called "Essay 1" below is really the final draft of that "Personal Experience" essay.

The assignment for Essay 3 was to rewrite the same story in a completely different style. I chose to write the same events as a poem using the same meter and rhyme scheme as in Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven. Yeah, I'm crazy like that.

We had to write a "Cover Letter" describing the work we did for the first half of the semester, describing all our various drafts. I've included that too.

Essay 4 was supposed to be "Expository Writing," and I chose to "exposit" on Orson Scott Card's novel Ender's Shadow. It was quite mean, and isn't included here.

Finally, the assignment for Essay 5 was open-ended. I wrote about my neice, Belle, and how she used to like playing the computer game Half-Life.
Lecture Notes
(No lectures in this course.)
(Writing assignments follow below)
Essay 1 Motto
Essay 2
Essay 3 Poe's Motto
Cover Letter Cover Letter
Essay 4
Essay 5 Belle's Game