Throughout five years of college and grad school I was a Teaching Assistant, Graduate Teaching Assistant, and ultimately an Adjunct Lecturer for a variety of introductory programming classes in C++, Java, Visual Basic 6, and Visual Basic .NET. My focus was with first-semester programming students (learning variables, loops, functions, et cetera) through object oriented programming (the basics of polymorphism, OO design, design patterns, et cetera).

On slow days I answered questions in OCaml, Prolog, emacs LISP, PHP, MIPS (assembly), Mathematica, Word, Excel, Javascript, HTML, CSS, SQL, and the mathematics of computational theory.

As a member and later president of the UVM chapter of Upsilon Pi Epsilon, I also led a variety of one-hour tutorials on topics like how to debug programs and how to use regular expressions. Under Tutorials you can find the written versions of my debugger tutorials (the others never had written materials).

I even led two four-hour workshops with middle school students in how to create their first (for most) computer program, using Visual Basic .NET to create a hangman game to be played over the network.