I am a professional Web Developer working at Boston University (remotely from my home in Colorado).

I graduated from the University of Vermont (UVM) with a Master of Science in Computer Science, and a Bachelor of Science in "Computer Science and Information Systems" — a double major with in Computer Science and Business Administration, with a minor in Mathematics.

You'll find notes from all my classes at UVM, along with schedules, transcripts and even poetic proofs of language theorems, all in the Learning section here. I'm almost obsessively organized, and I just can't bring myself to dispense with so much information!

Most of my work for Boston University is "behind the scenes" on web applications used within the University. I've built systems for staff to track their time spent on billable projects, for faculty to record their external activity, and for emergency noticiation. If you'd like to peek behind the curtain, though, you'll find plenty of details under Work.

My chief hobby is... programming. I truly enjoy being able to open an editor (emacs — always emacs) with a blank screen and produce an application that solves some problem. So when I'm not hard at work on projects for Boston University during the day, I'm probably hard at work on a personal project. I've listed some of those in the Projects area.