Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Degree Requirements

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For the Bachelor of Science, Major in Computer Science (College of Engineering and Math) , the requirements for Catalogue 2005-06 are a minimum of 124 credits (122 for students exempt from PEAC requirement) as follows:

  • Computer Science (41 credits): 21, 26, 100, 101, 103, 104,  201, 224 or 243, 292, and 15 additional credits (5 courses) of 200-level courses not more than three credits of which may be independent study.
  • Mathematics (17 credits): 21, 22, 54, two of (121, 124, 173, 271)
  • Statistics (3 credits): 153
  • Science (13 credits): advisor-approved science electives in Astronomy, Anatomy & Neurobiology, Biology, Botany, Chemistry,  Environmental Science, Geology, Microbiology & Molecular Genetics, Nutrition & Food Sciences, Physics, or Electrical Engineering 3 or 4, to include 1 laboratory science sequence selected from the following:
    • Biology: 1 or 11, 2 or 12
    • Chemistry: 31 or 35, 32 or 36
    • Physics: 31 with 21, 42 with 22 Note: Certain minors require specific science courses.
  • Technical Electives (6 credits): Two courses in approved technical electives . See department for current list of approved courses.
  • Writing (3 credits): English 1, 50, or 53
  • HSS (18 credits): 6 courses in Social Science, Humanities, and Fine Arts electives. At least 6 credits must be chosen from the Social Science Group and at least 6 credits must be chosen from the Humanities and Fine Arts Group as defined below. In addition, students must either complete a 1 credit Race & Culture course or ensure that at least one HSS elective also satisfies the non-European Cultures or Race Relations & Ethnicity Requirements , as specified under the General Requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences section of the university catalog.
    • Social Science Group: ALANA, Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Women's Studies, or other advisor-approved social science electives.
    • Humanities and Fine Arts Group: Art, Classics, Drama, Film, Language, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Religion, Speech or other advisor-approved humanities or fine arts electives.
  • Non-CS electives (9 additional credits): advisor-approved electives (excluding CS and PEAC)
  • Free Electives (12 additional credits): advisor-approved free electives (excluding PEAC)
  • PEAC (2 credits): See Adacemic and General Information for exceptions.
  • MINOR: Students must complete a University approved minor (excluding Computer Science); courses used to fulfill other requirements may be used to satisfy minor requirements.

No grade below a C- in any computer science course will be accepted, except as free elective credit.

Requirements are defined by the official UVM Catalogue (not by this website) Disclaimer: This information should reflect official Catalogue requirements, and is subject to correction.